Fisher Peter

Homeopathy for musculoskeletal diseases

fisherDr. Peter Fisher
Director of Research
Member, WHO expert panel on Traditional and Complementary Medicine
Physician to HM The Queen
Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine
London, United Kingdom

Peter Fisher, a homeopathic physician and rheumatologist will discuss the contribution that homeopathy can make to the treatment of musculoskeletal disease including back pain, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. These conditions are very common and increasingly so with age, they cause pain and disability. Treatment options are limited, many drugs cause side effects. Dr Fisher will explain how homeopaths evaluate patients with musculoskeletal problems, describe some commonly prescribed homeopathic medicines and answers to questions patients often ask.

Peter Fisher is Director of Research and Consultant Physician at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine (RLHIM), part of the University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Europe’s largest public sector centre for integrated medicine. He is also Physician to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He is a member of the World Health Organisation’s Expert Advisory Panel on Traditional and Complementary Medicine, involved in drafting its Traditional and Complementary Medicine Strategy 2014-2023, adopted by the World Health Assembly in May 2014. Peter is also Editor-in-Chief of the journal “Homeopathy” and a member of the Advisory and Editorial Board of the Cochrane Collaboration Complementary and Alternative Medicine Field.

He is an active clinician, specialising in homeopathy and rheumatology. His research work centres on responding to the problems of health care, including ‘effectiveness gaps’, multimorbidity and polypharmacy, by integrating the best of conventional and complementary medicine. He has conducted numerous research projects in homeopathy and integrated medicine. His interest in the area was triggered by a visit to China during the Cultural Revolution while still a medical student at Cambridge University.