Bogad Andrea

bogadMag. Pharm. Andrea Bogad

Pharmaceutical compounding of homeopathic medical products. Do it yourself: prepare your own homeopathic remedy

The “Do it yourself” workshop is dedicated to the preparation of your own homeopathic remedy. Diluting, succussing and impregnating globules will be shown. A short introduction will present the education model for Austrian pharmacists. Afterwards the opportunity is offered to practise on your own under the supervision of experts in an extra session.


In the workshop “Trituration” the theory according to Organon §270 compared to HAB VS7 will be explained. You will learn to prepare a remedy by trituration and the survey of the experience will be offered.

Mag. Pharm. Andrea Bogad is a pharmacist and teacher of the Austrian education for pharmacists. She has been teaching pharmacists homeopathic competences since 1999 (in cooperation with the Austrian Society of homeopathic medicine). The education includes preparing and potentiating homeopathic remedies as well as giving homeopathic advice to customers in a pharmacy.