Botha Izel / Diez Susanne / Renoux Helene

Compared methodologies of provings


Dr Izel Botha, Durban, South Africa
Mag. Dr. Susanne Diez, Vienna, Austria
Dr. Hélène Renoux, Paris, France

This workshop is organized and held by Dr. Izel Botha, Dr. Susanne Diez and Dr. Hélène Renoux. Different methodologies for homeopathic provings are co-existing currently: short or long term, with or without direct contact between the prover and the remedy. Izel Botha, Suzanne Diez and Hélène Renoux are experienced proving coordinators and propose to use their experience to compare the outcomes, scopes and complementarities of the different designs used. The inputs of the participants to this workshop should enrich the discussion. Its aim is not to decide where the right and the wrong methods are, but to understand what is expectable of each.

bothaDr. Botha completed her M Tech Homoeopathy cum laude and her D Tech Homoeopathy from the Durban Institute of Technology in South Africa, becoming the first person in South Africa to qualify with a Doctor’s of Technology: Homoeopathy degree. Her thesis is titled ‘Towards an Integrated Methodology: C4, Sherr and Dream Provings of Protea cynaroides’.She has worked as a senior lecturer and research supervisor at the DUT from 2007 to 2013, when she relocated to the UK. There she works as an independent research consultant with a keen interest in homeopathic research and proving. To date, she has supervised 14 successful master’s students. Publications include: Botha, I & Ross, AHA. 2008. A nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy comparison of 3C trituration derived and 4C trituration derived remedies. Homeopathy, 97 (4): 196-201, Botha, I. 2010. Protea cynaroides. Homoeopathic Links, 23 (04): 248,251, Botha, I &Somaru, N. 2010. C4 Triturations and the Proving of Vibhuti. Homoeopathic Links, 23 (02): 113,115., Malapermal, V., Botha, I., Krishna, S. B. N. &Mbatha, J. N. 2015. Enhancing antidiabetic and antimicrobial performance of Ocimumbasilicum, and Ocimum sanctum (L.) using silver nanoparticles. Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences.

diezDr. Diez is born in Vienna 1956. Living and working in Vienna as a homeopathic physician and psychotherapist in a medical practice since 1984. Member of the teachers` staff of the Austrian Association of Homeopathic Medicine Society since 1992, conducting suggestopaedic seminars in cooperation with Dr. Drexler und Dr.Schmid for more than 16 years, part of the “train the trainers” programme.
Special interests in the field of homoeopathy: science, provings, triturations. 2007 Master of Philosophy (graduated from University of Vienna), masterthesis: Subjectivity as a basic principle of homoeopathy – philosophical considerations on homoeopathy. Initiator and head of the “DENKWERKSTATT” in Vienna to reflect on research and to find a suitable scientific approach to homeopathy.

renouxDr. Renoux is a general practitioner working in a Paris suburb and has been qualified in homeopathy since 1995. She teaches classical homeopathy at INHF-Paris where she has been General Secretary for four years. There she is also in charge of educational provings, of which she has already conducted nine. She accordingly joined the ECH Provings Subcommittee in 2009 and became its General Secretary in November 2012. She also became the General Secretary of the SSH (SociétéSavanted’Homéopathie) in January 2012. In this double role she strives to promote cooperation in the interests of homeopathy at European and national levels. Publications: Provings: Calendula officinalis, Capsicum anuum, Morphomenelausoccidentalis, Sequoiadendrongiganteum, Helium, Ulva lactuca, Cuscutaeuropea, Ferrumsidereum and Cedruslibani.; Books: Visages de ma banlieue (Edilivre, December 2011) and Expérienceshoméopathiques (Edilivre, February 2014); Articles: The proving of Morphomenelausoccidentalis (Links, vol 24 2011), Olibanum sacrum, un remède original contrel’insécurité affective infantile (La Revue d’Homéopathie, December 2010), Violence is the only solution, a case of Androctonus (Links, vol 27 2014), Traitementhoméopathique d’un reflux gastro-oesophagiensévère (La Revue d’Homéopathie June 2015)