Buchheim-Schmidt Susann

Comparison of homeopathic preparation methods in pharmacopoeias

buchheimMag. Pharm. Susann Buchheim-Schmidt
Pharmacist and Naturopath (Classical Homeopathy)
Mainz, Germany

The preparations of homeopathic remedies are described in various pharmacopoeias.
The official homeopathic pharmacopoeias in Europe are the European Pharmacopoeia, the German Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia (GHP) and the French Pharmacopeia (FP). Furthermore, various remedies are monographed in the HPUS, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of India or the Brazilian Pharmacopoeia. There are many similarities in the Pharmacopoeia monographs, but also differences, which are interesting as well for the daily routine of therapists as for other problems, e.g.in the calculation of first safe dilutions or regarding safety problems of homeopathic remedies. Pharmacist and homeopath Susann Buchheim-Schmidt compared the preparation methods of the various pharmacopoeias and will discuss about similarities and differences in her lecture.

Parallel hereto a small exhibition on Pharmacopoeia will be shown.

Mag. Pharm. Buchheim-Schmidt, studied pharmacy at the universities Jena and Halle, her postgraduate studies were Toxicology and Environment protection at the university Leipzig. She has an education as “naturopath” (practitioner of alternative medicine), qualifications in complementary oncology, qualification as classical homeopath as well as a qualification in homeopathy for midwifes. Further she is trained as medical technical laboratory assistant

At present she is Scientific Advisor Medical Affairs& Clinical Research for DHU in Karlsruhe, naturopath with focus on homeopathy in a midwifery practice in Mainz and lecturer at school for pharmaceutical technical assistants in Mainz (subjects pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry and biochemistry).
Activities are:
Member of ECH (SC Pharmacy)
Member of WissHom
Lecturer at homeopathy school of DGKH (Deutsche GesellschaftfürKlass. Homöopathie)
Lecturer at further education „homeopathy for pharmacists and pharmaceutical staff” at school for pharmaceutical technical assistants
Assistance at foundation ofpharmacy museum in Leipzig