Müntz Robert

Adventurous homeopathy – highlights of searching for remedies

muentzMag. Pharm. Robert Müntz
REMEDIA Homöopathie
Eisenstadt, Austria

In this presentation a number of stories in connection with the search for new, old and forgotten remedies throughout the world will be given. Mag. Müntz dedicated his life of the recent decades on homeopathy and its Materia Medica, where there have been quite remarkable situations. His experiences with Electrophorus electricus, Lac owleum, Bullet ants and milking the bushmaster will be demonstrated to give a short insight in the demands of homeopathic pharmacy.

Robert Müntz graduated as pharmacist at the University of Vienna. In 1985 he established manufacturing of homeopathic remedies for individual therapist demands. In 1990 he became CEO at the Salvator Apotheke, Eistenstadt, Austria and in 2003 he founded Remedia Homöopahtie GmbH. Since 1993 he undertakes annual expeditions to rainforests searching for homeopathic remedies, introducing various new snake poison remedies into homeopathy by milking snakes and further potentizing. In 2011 he established a new GMP lab “Reference Analytics GmbH” for research on psychotopic substances and analytics on homeopathic needs. He published numerous scientific articles at the Österreichische Apotheker Zeitung and was lecturing at the University of Vienna on the regulations of the HAB for medical and veterinary students.