Hendrickx Jack

Availability of remedies: a critical approach and actual situation

hendrixJack Hendrickx
Remedy Bank, Homeopathic Starting Materials, Belgium
Labotics Technology & Equipment
Hoboken, Belgium

During more than 200 years of its development the Material Medica of homeopathic medicinal products has been expanding continuously. Due to many reasons this development has lived her own life, without internal critical guidance nor policy.
Since 50 years ago regulatory actions were introduced or became applicable for homeopathic medicinal substances (legislation, ICH, pharmacopoeia,.. ). Not only the Material Medica expansion has nearly come to a stop, but the actual catalogue of remedies, estimated between 2- and 3000, risks to be decimated.
Many complaints about availability of remedies come from different stakeholders: doctors, pharmacists and patients. But the perception about availability stress differs according to the interest of the considered groups. The mechanisms causing this stress are complex, territorial, technical and nuanced by legislation (politics), tradition, tolerance, economics and more. In order to see more clear about this mechanism, the definition, causes and consequences of 'availability' according different aspects will be developed. A major aspect in availability of remedies is obviously the availability of raw and starting materials. Aspects like identity, safety, origin, regulatory demands (e.g. pharmacopoeia), economical and therapeutically factors all have their subtle or drastic influence. But even when the starting material is available, the availability of the required potency (e.g. Korsakov) or pharmaceutical requirements (e.g. safety) seems to be a problem. Finally, some solutions promoting availability in function of all these aspects are proposed.

Jack Hendrickx graduated as pharmacist and specialized as industrial pharmacist at the University of Antwerpen (BE). From 1981 till 1985 he was Qualified Person at Homeoden Laboratory (later on Heel-Belgium). Since 1984 he is running LABOTICS, a manufacturer of equipment for homeopathic remedy making (dynamizing, Korsakov equipment, impregnation machines, Laminar Flow equipment etc.) Since 2012 he is founding shareholder and executive manager of the cooperative REMEDY BANK, producer of certified stocks (starting materials) for homeopathic preparation. He organized the working party on homeopathic pharmacy of APB ('97-'02, Belgium) and is active member of ECH SC Pharmacy since 1997; he was coordinator of the SC from 11/2004 till 02/2012. He is founding member and former secretary of PHARAHOM (Belgium) His interest in homeopathy is focused on the evidence based preparation of homeopathic medicinal products. The identity and genuineness (§123 and §268, Organon 5/6) and the availability, quality, safety and shelf life of homeopathic starting materials, as well as their validated preparation methods are his continuous concern since more than 35 years.