Jansen Jean Pierre

Harmonized Proving Guidelines

jansenJean Pierre Jansen, MD
Private medical practice for homeopathy and neural therapy
Physician at Cosis, Institute for Mentally Disabled Persons, Assen, The Netherlands
coordinator Subcommittee for Provings of the European Committee for Homeopathy ECH
Onderdendam, The Netherlands

This lecture aims to present an overview of the harmonised guidelines for provings, as adopted by ECH and LMHI, in including the guiding principles during their development. There are some subjects that need more consideration during the coming years. These issues are collected over the recent years in my role as coordinator of the ECH Subcommittee for Provings and from research about provings. What are the possible avenues to improve the quality of provings? What are ways to mirror developments in clinical work over the past decades (various anamnestic (e.g. gestural) and analytical (e.g. group analysis, vital approach) procedures). At the other hand, possible expectations about proving methodology based on a conventional medical paradigm are discussed.

Jean Pierre Jansen practices classical homeopathy since 1986. From 1990 on he conducts provings, organised post graduate courses in homeopathy, and is a former editor of Homeopathic Links, International Journal for Classical Homeopathy. He has a background in Jungian psychology. Over last decade he is a part time researcher, was board member of the Dutch Medical Association for Neural Therapy and educator in Neural Therapy. He coordinates a voluntary course on CAM for medical students. He coordinates the harmonisation of guidelines for homeopathic provings on behalf of ECH. Currently his main interest is the application of diagnostic and analytical procedures from naturopathy in other fields of medicine. Privately he is a harpsichord player and performs with the Balestrini Consort for early music.