Frass Michael

Additive homeopathy for life quality in cancer patients

frassMichael Frass, MD
Medical University of Vienna, Department of Medicine I, Clinical Division of Oncology,
Vienna, Austria

The use of complementary and alternative medicine especially as an add-on therapy in cancer patients has increased over the past decade. Patients are interested in the influence of homeopathy on global health status and subjective wellbeing. In a pragmatic randomized controlled trial, 410 patients, treated by standard anti-neoplastic therapy, were randomized to receive or not receive classical homeopathic adjunctive therapy in addition to standard therapy. At each of three visits, patients filled in two different questionnaires. Results suggest that the global health status and subjective wellbeing of cancer patients improve significantly when adjunct classical homeopathic treatment is administered in addition to conventional therapy.

Michael Frass is head of an Outpatient Unit “Homeopathy in malignant Diseases”, Medical University Vienna, Department of Internal Medicine I, Division of Clinical Oncology, Vienna, Austria. He did research trainings at the Institute Pasteur, Institute of Molecular Biology, Paris, France; and at the Porter Memorial Hospital-EMS, Valparaiso, Indiana, USA. For twelve years, he was head of the Intensive Care Unit of the Department of Internal Medicine I. Since 1994 he serves as the Vice President of the “Doctors Association for Classical Homeopathy” and since 2006 as the President of the Umbrella Association of Austrian doctors for Holistic Medicine. Furthermore, since 2010 Dr. Frass is Chairperson of WissHom (Scientific Society for Homeopathy), Koethen, Germany.