Schäferkordt Rainer

Empirium– Research and quality improvement through case documentation

schaeferkordtDr. med. Rainer Schäferkordt
Hamburg, Germany

Since Hahnemann, a great part of homeopathic knowledge derives from daily practice. As these experiences are seldom collected in a structured way and often biased, we launched a research project which pursues the improvement of case documentation and the collection of unselected patient cases for several purposes. After agreeing to a standard for documentation by three german professional associations, we have developed the legal and technical requirements for systematic case collection from health care professionals. The cases are submitted to a database and peer reviewed. After that they can be accessed by homeopathic professionals and analyzed for several aims. Clinical verification of materiamedica, based on Bayesian statistics, is actually the main purpose. Symptoms, medicines and results are extracted from the data and analyzed for coherence. This is also part of a revision of repertory and materiamedica.

Dr. med. Rainer Schäferkordt is a psychiatrist. Psychiatric practice with homeopathic focusnear Hamburg. Responsible for case documentation at Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom), Germany. Former president of Gesellschaft homöopathischer Ärzte. Developer of homeopathic documentation software.