Rossi Elio

rossiDr. Elio Rossi
Homeophathic Clinic - Cittadella della salute Campo di Marte Lucca
Lucca, Italy

Homeopathy in the perspective of Integrative Oncology: recent advances in the Region of Tuscany

In 2009 the Tuscan Tumor Institute and the Tuscan Network of Integrative Medicine (TNIM) worked together with the aim to analyze international literature on the use of CM in the treatment of side effects of anticancer therapies, and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. The Resolution n. 418/2015 of the Tuscan Regional Government ratified to develop the use of CM as standard treatment of cancer-related symptoms, and side effects of anticancer therapy. In order to tackle side effects of anticancer treatment an integrative oncology outpatient clinic was started in the public hospital of Lucca by the Homeopathic Clinic in collaboration with the Oncology Department. Comparing the clinical conditions before and after the treatment, we have observed significant amelioration of the following symptoms of the cancer or the adverse effects of the anticancer therapies: nausea (p=0.004); insomnia (p=0.003); depression (p=0.000); anxiety (p=0.000); asthenia (p=0.000); hot flushes (p=0.000).

Safeness of the patient and clinical risk management in homeopathic medicine

Evaluation and management of clinical risk and the prevention of adverse reactions (ADR's) are important issues to guarantee safety of the patient in Complementary Medicine and in particular in homeopathy. Possible tools in order to develop a systematic approach aiming at identifying and preventing clinical risks can be: monitoring of adverse reactions and harmful incident; use of specific informed consent; clinical audit; application of FMEA as a proactive risk management tool organized into different steps. Our experience demonstrate that an in-deep analysis can reveal potential risks for the patients as well as the priorities for the improvement actions to be taken in order to guarantee a safe and reliable service in homeopathic medicine.

Born in Alessandria (Italy) in 1954, graduated cum laude in Medicine at the University of Milan in 1979 and specialized in Infectious Diseases in 1982. Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy of London since 1991. He worked in the Clinic of Infectious and Tropical Diseases until 1983 and published in international scientific reviews several works, mainly on epidemiology of viral hepatitis. Listened as expert on AIDS and homeopathic therapy by the National Commission on AIDS of the Italian Ministry of Health (1995). Director of the Homeopathic Clinic of the Hospital of Lucca since 1998, which is Regional center of reference, and responsible of the clinic Complementary Medicine and diet in oncology of the Local Health Tuscany Nordwest. Dr. Rossi has given presentations in many countries and participated in numerous national and international conferences, symposia and seminars. He is a member of numerous Italian and International Medical Societies. Scientific director of the journal Medicina Naturale since 1998, and author of the weekly rubric The Other Medicine on “RSalute” supplement of Repubblica 2004 - 2015. He is the editor of severalhomeopathic books: S.Hahnemann: la vita e le opere; (La Perla Ed.); Kent: materia medica dei nuovi rimedi (RED/Studio redazionale - Como);  Kent: casi clinici (RED/Studio redazionale - Como);  Kent: appunti di omeopatia (RED/Studio redazionale - Como) and author of  Kent Materia Medica Comparata (Ed. Tecniche Nuove). Co-author of the book: S. Baccetti, M. Di Stefano, E. Rossi. Le medicine complementari in oncologia Felici Ed. Firenze, 2015 and author and co-author of numerous publications in scientific journals and books on CM.