Pētersone Ilze

Homeopathic support throughout the life-span for the Labrador retriever - from adolescence to adulthood

petersoneMag.Vet.Med. Ilze Pētersone
Jelgava, Latvia

The lecture is based on one clinical case. Puppyhood vaccinations likely affectedpuppy's immune system and its developed juvenile cellulites. Even after the massive treatment with steroids at an early age of the animal, it was possible to restore balance of immune system and maintain lifelong animal's health with homeopathic medicine.

Ilze Pētersone studied veterinary medicine at the Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Jelgava, Latvia.  After veterinary studies she continued with master’s degrees studies in veterinary medicine. She worked as a lecturer 15 years at Latvia University of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine; she also worked as a small animal veterinarian at Latvia University of Agriculture veterinary clinic. She studied Baltic Course in Veterinary Homeopathy from 2009 – 2012 with the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group. Currently she works in small animal integrative veterinary medicine practice.