Lechleitner Peter

Additive homeopathic treatments for cancer patients in clinical practice

lechleitnerProf. Dr. Peter Lechleitner
Medical Director, Dept. of Internal Medicine, University School of Medicine Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Austria

The lecture will be on why homeopathy is more than placebo and why homeopathy still is debatable and on my personal experience as an evidence based physician working with homeopathy as an add on treatment in cancer patients in an ongoing homeopathic RCT (double blind randomized controlled trial) and in adjunctive homeopathic cancer treatment in an everyday clinical setting. The main problems with cancer treatment and homeopathy are discussed. Finally, our concept of integrated medicine in cancer treatment is presented with a new chance: The ongoing debate provoked by "the sceptic scientists" could be a new chance to scrutinize the methods of medical science as a whole (even in EbM) and to find a new orientation for scientific work and help to find a way for integrative medicine in oncology including homeopathy, not as an alternative but as an effective complementary cancer treatment.

Prof. Lechleitner is medical director of the department of Internal Medicine at the University School of Medicine Innsbruck. He graduated from the Medical Faculty, University of Innsbruck in 1980. He received the following board certifications and licenses: 1984 Medical License (General Medicine), 1988 Medical License (Internal Medicine), 1988 License for Nephrology, 1991 License for Cardiology, 1994 License for Intensive Care Medicine, 2008 License for Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2011 License for Geriatric Medicine. He is a member of numerous Austrian and International Medical Societies (FESC, FICA among others).