Ridler Michael

Proving natrium sulfuricum in horses

riedlerDr. vet. med. Michael Ridler
Höhnhart, Austria

The implementation of a homeopathic drug proving on animals is a fascinating experience. The reaction of animals to administration of homeopathic globules with clearly identifiable clinical symptoms, must take doubt to even the most critical observer to the effect of homeopathic remedies. The existing parallels but rather some drastic differences to the known human homeopathic drug provings show us the improtance of Dr. Hahnemann´s demand for separate homeopathic drug proving on healthy animals for profound homeopathic veterinary work.

Veterinary science: veterinarian, 1999, Vienna, Austria Homeopathy: EAVH (Europäische Akademie für Veteriärhomeopathie) in Regen, Germany 2011-2013, Fachtierarzt für Veterinärhomöopathie 2015 Own veterinary practice since 2002 in Höhnhart, Austria. 3 veterinarians, 90% cattle, 10% small animals practicing conventional medicine with more and more homeopathy, member of the board of the ÖGVH (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Veterinärhomöopathie) - representing the interests of homeopathic veterinarians who treat farm animals