Scherr Erich

The homeopathic treatment of cancer in horses Erich Scherr
Graz, Austria

Successful homeopathic treatments of neoplasms in horses could be seen in a horse with a haematopoetic neoplasm, equine lymphoma. After clinical examinations at the veterinary hospital it was clear that for this horse nothing else than a palliative treatment is possible. Prognosis was bad: death is the common outcome of this disease. Homeopathic treatment, using Acidum aceticum and China officinalis, did lead to a clinical remission of the symptoms within 12 months. Till today, 4 years after diagnosis, the horse is still alive and in best condition.

Dr. Scherr studied veterinary medicine at the university of Vienna. He qualified in Vienna in 1997. From 1995 on he was working in different equine hospitals in Austria. In 2002 he opened a group practice with Dr. Michael Kapaun. They founded Kapaun & Scherr Tierärzte Ges.n.b.R. From 2005 to 2007 education at the EAVH (European Academy for Veterinary Homeopathy), since 2010 President of OEGVH (Austrian Association for Veterinary Homeopathy)