Hornig Bernhard

How human are animals?

hornig2Dr. vet.med. Bernhard Hornig
Hof, Germany

According to the idea of the congress to emphasize the commonalities between human and animal I want to present a fundamental lecture: "How human are animals?" The upcoming question is: can doctors and vets work together or are our patients too different? This will be the main theme in my lecture.

Dr. Bernhard Hornig, studied veterinary medicine at the LM-University of Munich and the University of Hannover. Since 1978 he has his own surgery for small and large animals. From 1984 on he started specializing in homeopathic treatment and is lecturing nationally as well as internationally.From 1997 to 2010 as head of a vet group together with Marc Bär, they created a veterinary version of synthesis. Dr. Hornig is head of homoeopathic seminars at international Congresses forHolistic Veterinary Medicine and external consultant at Agro-Ecological University of Kassel for EU IMPRO-Project on behalf of IAVH.