Bellavite Paolo

Requiem for Avogadro: recent advances from laboratory research

bellaviteProf.Dr. Paolo Bellavite
Professor of General Pathology, School of Medicine, Verona University
Verona, Italy

Two basic objections are raised against homeopathy: there is no evidence of effectiveness and its theories are "implausible". The latter objection concerns either the "similarity” theory and the use of highly diluted drugs. The principle of Avogadro-Loschmidt is often called in support of attacks against homeopathy, as the dilution of the active ingredients over a certain threshold would lead to assimilate the homeopathic medicine to a placebo. In this lesson we have the theoretical and experimental reasons why the objection based on the principle of Avogadro does not apply to homeopathy.

Dr.Bellavite is a medical doctor, specialized in Clinical and Laboratory Haematology. He is working as Professor of General Pathology in the School of Medicine, Verona University, and as a volunteer in the School of Nursery, University of Ngozi (Burundi). His main areas of research focused on molecular and cellular aspects of inflammation, with regard to the structure, function and pathology of leukocytes and platelets. He developed many methods to investigate blood cells pathophysiology and free radicals. In collaboration with others at Verona University he developed the Observatory of Complementary Medicines with clinical studies and laboratory assays of homeopathic medicines. He published over 250 scientific papers, 139 of which are indexed by PubMed, and various books including “The Emerging Science of Homeopathy. Complexity, Biodynamics and Nanopharmacology” (North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA, 2002).