Seyfried Anne-Lore

The homeopathic treatment of restlessness in dogs

seyfriedAnne-Lore Seyfried, Veterinarian, IAVH, GGTM
Ɯberlingen, Germany

Anne-Lore Seyfried is going to present some cases of restlessness affecting dogs of different ages. With a case study, a hierarchizing of symptoms and the selection of a homeopathic remedy, she will show what a significant, impressive impact a homeopathic substance can have both on the wellbeing of an animal and on its behavior. For these patients classical homeopathy is the key to success. Behavioral symptoms as well as objective symptoms play a decisive role. Restlessness is not only a severe problem for the owner, who finds no help in conventional medicine, it is also a significant impairment for the animals themselves, which are no longer capable of living appropriately to their species and of developing in a healthy and natural way.

Anne-Lore Seyfried studied veterinary medicine in Berlin. In 1994 she studied homeopathy in Switzerland and Germany. Since 1996 she has been giving lectures in homeopathy for veterinarians, who want to specialize in this field by Aude Sapere. Since 1999 she has her own homeopathic practice for small animals and horses.