Szecsődi Ferenc

How do I use sensation method at animals

szecsDr. Ferenc Szecsődi
Veterinarian homeopath
Becej, Serbia

The basis for good prescription in chronic cases is the knowledge about the manifestation of vital force at animals on the levels of experiences by Sankaran. If we have this knowledge, we will know at every moment, what we see during the case taking. Explore subconscious areas (fears, “childhood”, etc.) and different situations (unexpected events, relation to other animals, relation to people, etc.), during the case taking, we can easily find the pattern, which take us to the right homeopathic remedy. My presentation gives a theoretical ground for using sensation method at animals. In the presentation a case of dog is shown, who had wounds on skin, caused by licking. The demonstrated case is a good example that the sensation method can be successfully use with animals too.

Dr. Szecsődi was born in 1963 in Becej, Serbia. He graduated in 1989 on veterinary faculty at Belgrade University. In 2008 he graduated in veterinary homeopathy in Budapest, Hungary. He is a member of IAVH. In 2011 he graduated Human Homeopathy in Homeopathic School “Hahnemann” in Novi Sad. Serbia. The school lasted 4 years. He has been leading the Veterinary Homeopathic School in Belgrade, Serbia, since 2012. That school lasts two years. He has written the program of education and a manual too. He applies sensation method in his works. He implements successfully sensation method by animals too.