Gnaiger-Rathmanner Jutta

The importance of psychotrauma in the treatment of children.
Even with ADHS-syndrome

gnaigerDr. Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner
medical practitioner, homeopath
Feldkirch, Austria

Whatever homoeopathic method is being applied on purpose of finding the remedy: it is of great importance to include the “history” of the sick child. Each case taking should include pregnancy and family history, in order to reveal the quality of bonding within the family. This way the aetiological factors can show up, very often in the sense of Psychotrauma. In case of existence of psychic aetiology, the awareness of it amplifies the homoeopathic therapy in a threefold way:
1. Being a symptom of high rank among the rubrics “ailments from”, it helps the accuracy in the choice of the remedy.
2. It helps to raise the quality of the relation between patient and doctor in the sense of personal empathy and understanding.
3. It enables an efficient counselling of the child and its parents.
A selection of short casuistics with a helpful simile will underline this statement: Medorrhinum, Carcinosinum,Staphisagria, Stramonium, Kaliumbromatum etc.

Dr. med. Jutta Gnaiger-Rathmanner has published the book: “Homoeopathy with Psychotrauma“ in Haug Edition, 2012, with Coauthor Dr. Rosmarie Mayr, psychiatrist. She has exercised Homoeopathy for more than 30 years, along with extensive functions within the ÖGHM and the International Liga. She has published many scientific papers regarding aetiology and miasma, behavioral disorders with children and women’s diseases, based on casuistics from practical experience. Moreover, series of cases to various topics as to Lac caninum and Petroleum, to Medorrhinum and Lachesis etc.