Kohlrausch Stefan

Lifelong therapy in animals with homeopathic remedy. Does homeopathy prolong the life span?

kohlrauschDr. med. vet. Stefan Kohlrausch
Dipl.Ing.agr.,bmIavh, mECH, HP
La Herradura, Spain

Some cases of animals for example a German Shepherd Dog with severe hip arthrosis and a small mixed breed dog with chronic heart problems can show that animals, suffering from chronic diseases that regularly shorten the life span do often live healthy and die years later than the average of their breed companions when treated only with homeopathic constitutional therapy all their life. As a human homeopath we rarely have the chance to accompany our patients from birth to death. This can only happen when the patient does not get older than maybe 35 years, what is very unusual. As a vet the situation is very different as some species only live 3 years and others like cats and dogs in average 14 years. As well the positive reaction to a homeopathic remedy can be evaluated much quicker in animals and a follow up time of 1 year is comparable to 7 in human homeopathy. The question, “Is it possible to treat an individual all his life successfully with the one and only simillimum?” will be answered by the cases.

Study of Agriculture in Freising and study of veterinary medicine in Munich, homeopathy education started with completing the doctors training in Munich, Germany, followed by vet. Hom. specialisation courses in Germany by Aude Sapere; Dr. Kohlrausch opened his first homeopathic clinic for pets and horses in 1991 in Germany. In 1994 he started teaching, teacher in acknowledged Specialisation for Homeopathy for doctors/vets since 1997 and is intensively lecturing at national and international congresses since then. In 2014 moved to Spain as veterinary doctor and started his own clinic, Pet Vet Clinic La Herradura in 2014. Since 2005 he is board member of the IAVH and active in different subcommittees. Dr. Kohlrausch is co-author of “7 Schmetterlinge“ (Karl-Josef Müller, Nandita Shah, Nancy Herrik, Stefan Kohlrausch) and “Materia MedicaVeterinaria”(Jacques Millemann), further he writes articles on homeopathy in different professional journals. His special interests are in proving, Miasms, remedy-families and the Periodic table.