González Gomez Maria Carolina

Homeopathy, the best way to retrace the chronic disease.
Clinical Cases: Brain tumor and Cushing's disease in dogs

gomezM. V. Maria Carolina González Gomez
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Currently patients who arrive to the clinic are poisoned by allopathic medicines, that far from healing, deepen chronic disease. Thanks homeopathy we can retrace the process of intoxication or acidification of the body and accompany the patient on the path of healing. The clinical case of a canine patient with a brain tumor and other patients suffering from Cushing's disease, are a clear evidence of the virtues of homeopathy.

Dr. González Gomez, graduated from the faculty of veterinary medicine of the university of La Salle, Bogota, Colombia in 1988. She is co-founder and professor of the Department of Veterinary Medicine (1991-1993) of the Colombian Institute of Homeopathy (FICH) "Luis G. Paez" Foundation. As assistant professor of veterinary homeopathy (by competition November 2005- 2012) and coordinator of Homeopathy Predictable she organized a monthly workshop for veterinarians (August 2008- 2011) in Argentina Homeopathic Medical Association. She is a specialist in "Small Animal Veterinary Homeopathy", Resolution No. 728/2010 of the Professional Council of Veterinarians.

Doctor González Gomez conducted several courses and seminars in different universities both in Argentina and abroad as well as courses at the Homeopathic Medical Academy of Barcelona since 2011. She is speaker at numerous national and international conferences for homeopathy. Co-author of Chapter 23 "Homeopathy in veterinary dermatology" book "Canine Dermatology for everyday clinical practice" Dr. Fernando Fogel. She is also the author of original articles published in scientific journals in the field. Professor of Veterinary Homeopathy in "The Continuous Education School in Veterinary Homeopathy” E.Co.Ho.Vet (2013-until date)