Tournier Alexander

Current state of play in homeopathy basic research

TournierDr. Alexander Tournier
Executive Director of Homepathy Research Insitute
London, UK

The relative weakness of the scientific evidence base supporting homeopathy is, and remains, the Achilles heel of the homeopathic profession. Although vitally important, the results achieved in clinical research have not received the attention they deserve by the wider scientific community. This is mostly due to our lack of understanding of the underlying physical mechanism of action of homeopathic dilutions.In this presentation, I will describe what we understand of the mechanism of action of homeopathic high dilutions to date, discussing the challenges we face as we move forward in this field. In particular, I will present a theory – Quantum Coherence Domains – which is in principle able to explain many of the controversial aspects of the homeopathy.

Dr. Tournier studied physics at Imperial College, London and Theoretical Physics (a.k.a. part III) from Cambridge University. Dr. Tournier wrote his PhD on the biophysics of water at the interface with biological molecules at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. Dr. Tournier also trained in homeopathy at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, London and is a registered homeopath. Dr. Tournier worked for 10 years at Cancer Research UK (5th institute worldwide for molecular biology) as a researcher working on problems at the interface between biology, physics and mathematics. DrTournier founded the Homeopathy Research Institute in 2007.