Dadak Agnes M.

Homeopathy in Veterinary Pharmacy and Medicine

dadakAgnes M. Dadak, PhD, DVetPharm
Assistant Professor at the Division of Clinical Pharmacology, Veterinary University Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Homeopathic remedies are uniquely recognised within the pharmaceutical legislation of the European Union which acknowledge the particular nature of homeopathic medicinal products and give them special status and requirements. Homeopathic remedies are not only used in human medicine but also in veterinary medicine. Commission Regulation (EC) no 889/2008 states that for veterinary treatment of livestock in organic farm units homeopathic products shall be used in preference to chemically-sythesised allopathic veterinary treatment or antibiotics. This strategy is not only important for organic farming but is recently also discussed as one aspect in fighting the increase in antibiotic resistance worldwide. In some Member States (e.g. Austria, Germany) not only individual pharmacies but also veterinary surgeons running a dispensary are permitted to potentise homeopathic remedies for the use in their patients. This lecture will cover pharmaceutical and veterinary aspects of homeopathy.

Agnes M. Dadak is Assistant Professor at the Division of Clinical Pharmacology at the Veterinary University of Vienna. She received an INITS Award for innovative research in 2013 and was honored as Inventor of the Year in 2012. Dr. Dadak is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Austrian Society for Veterinary Homeopathy and Member of the Austrian Pharmacopoeia Commission. Among many other topics she teaches about pharmacopoeias, guidelines of importance for the field and preparation and potentisation of homeopathic remedies.