Johnson Geoff

A proving of testosterone and cases

johnsonGeoff Johnson, MA VetMB MRCVS RSHom Vet FFHOM PCH
Wiveliscombe, United Kingdom

Chronic disease, Yin and yang, the sensation of sarcodes and testosterone. Attempting to understand yin yang separation and the origin of chronic disease, Geoff Johnson has ascended the hormone pyramid by proving testosterone, progesterone, LH, GnRH, melatonin and the mystical third eye, pineal gland. From the provings and subsequent cases the sensation of sarcodes has become clear.  The lecture will outline the concepts explored and explain the sensation through relating testosterone cases.

Geoff Johnson worked in various veterinary practices in the 7 years after qualifying as a vet from Cambridge in 1987. He then became the owner of a four vet mixed practice on the edge of Exmoor, which he ran for 11 years, and would have described himself as a rugby playing cow vet. During this time, he saw homeopathy in action, and turned from a sceptic to having an open mind. When his hay fever was cured overnight he began his homeopathic studies in 1995 qualifying as a veterinary homeopath in 1999 after three year’sstudy in Oxford with the Homeopathic Physicians Teaching Group. The owners started asking for treatment upon seeing their animals getting better, so achieved the RSHom in 2001, making him the only person qualified in veterinary and human homeopathy at that time. In 2004 he completed the Dynamis Course with Jeremy Sherr, achieving the PCH diploma – the first vet to do so alongside Mark Eliot. He now owns a busy homeopathy only practice in Wiveliscombe, West Somerset for humans and animals.  Geoff is a sought after homeopathy teacher, and lectures widely nationally and internationally. In the last three years he has been interested in the origins of chronic disease, based around the concept of the separation of yin and yang. This has led him to initiate the provings of testosterone, progesterone, LH, GNRH and pineal gland.