Wurster Jens

Homeopathy treatment and cure of cancer

wursterDr. med. Jens Wurster
Clinica St. Croce, Orselina, Switzerland

Homeopathic treatment of cancer patients requires a profound knowledge of all levels of homeopathic cancer therapy. Difficulties in finding the right homeopathy remedy very often results from the fact that most cancer patients have already been in conservative therapy, so that resulting side-effects have to be dealt with first. That means all levels of past and ongoing cancer treatment have to be considered (Radiatio, Chemotherapy). Besides the local manifestations of tumors and specific experience of pain, the emotional disposition of the patient is an important indicator to find an effective remedy. With the help of Q-potencies and the use of organotropic remedies the patient can be stabilized. Consequently, the immune system can be activated so that healing of the cancer is possible.

The lecture will address homeopathic cancer therapy and homeopathic treatment of side-effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Impressive results with observation periods of partly more than 10 to 15 years in different cases of cancer will be presented. Who once has experienced the power of homeopathy in cancer treatment will never want to do without it again.

Dr. Wurster was confronted with cancer from his early youth on and has aimed to find ways and possibilities to cure it. Triggered through astonishing experiences with homeopathy he specialized in the field of homeopathic cancer therapy. After his homeopathic ecucation with Dr. Barthel, he has been working closely together with Dr. Dario Spinedi at the Clinica St. Croce, Tessin, where cancer patients are treated with homeopathy. Since 2002 homeopathy teacher, and lectures nationally and internationally. Author of the book „Die homöopathische Behandlung und Heilung von Krebs und metastasierten Tumoren“ (2006, revised edition 2015), co-author of „Leitfaden Homöopathie“ (2005). In 2012 Dr. Wurster opended his own Kung Fu School in Locarno, he teaches Wing Chun Kung Fu.