Ellinger Liesbeth

The future: homeopathy as a replacement for antibiotics and in epidemics

ellingerDr. vet. Liesbeth Ellinger
Apeldoorn, Netherlands

Homeopathic research seems to be difficult. The good results that are seen in practice are often not that convincing when double-blind research is done. Yet it’s important for the great role that homeopathy can play in the healthcare for humans as well as for animals, that good results can be shown in RCT (randomised controlled trials). In this lecture, a successful research/study design will be explained, with an example of a RCT on the prevention of diarrhoea in piglets.

Veterinary science: veterinarian, 1987, Utrecht, the Netherlands, Homeopathy: education in several Dutch schools and education from Andre Saine, Canada. Dr. Ellinger has her own homoeopathic practice since 1987, where large and small animals are treated. Since 2003 she works together with four homeopathic physicians in a homeopathic center (Centaurea). She has given lectures in many different countries. She gives education to farmers, more than 400 farmers did a homoeopathic course in how to use homeopathy on their own farm. The experiences of the farmers are collected, and are used to do homoeopathic research. In 2010 the study on the prevention of neonatal diarrhea in pigs with homeopathy was published in “Homeopathy”, a peer-reviewed magazine Homeopathy as replacement to antibiotics in the case of Escherichia coli diarrhoea in neonatal piglets. This study won a prize of the Vithoulkas-institute for the best peer-reviewed article in 2012. She wrote many articles on homeopathy for Dutch, German and British (homeopathic) magazines. She was President of the IAVH (International Association for Veterinary Homeopathy) from 2005-2011.