Frei Heiner

ADD/ADHD and Polarity Analysis: Tips and tricks for remedy determination and long time treatment

freiDr. Heiner Frei, MD
paediatrician FMH, Homeopathy FMH
Laupen, Switzerland

In homeopathy we rely on genuine monitoring of symptoms. Conventional case taking in ADD/ADHD-patients however frequently offers only stereotype information. Hence they are quite a challenge from a therapeutic point of view. The deficit in individual information can be compensated with the help of polarity analysis. This method of case taking will be demonstrated with several case studies. In a longtime course ADD/ADHD treatment is successful in about 75% of all children.

Heiner Frei MD is a paediatrician in Laupen, Switzerland. Specialization in paediatrics at the university hospitals of Bern and Lucerne, with special emphasis on paediatric surgery, neonatology, intensive care, oncology, and developmental medicine. Since 1987 paediatric practice and training in homeopathy. Research activities and publications focusing on clinical studies about acute tonsillitis, otitis media, ADHD, H1N1 influenza, the treatment of multimorbid patients and homeopathic methodology. From 2001 to 2005 study coordinator of the rigorous Swiss RCT on homeopathic treatment of ADHD, which yielded scientific evidence for a specific effect of homeopathic medicines. In 2001 Dr. Frei developed polarity analysis, a new approach to improve the precision of homeopathic prescriptions. Dr. Frei teaches in Europe, India and the US and has published four books on polarity analysis and ADD/ADHD. He has been honored with several scientific research awards.