Homeopathy United in Diversity

What makes this European Congress for Homeopathy so unique? It is the first congress on a European level that brings together representatives from the fields of human and veterinary medicine, pharmacy and patient associations with the idea of practical and scientific exchange. This aspect of concentrated unity bears a strong potential to strengthen the possibilities of homeopathy in the future.
Leading experts in homeopathy are giving us their personal appraisal on the value of this congress...


renoux2Dr. Hélène Renoux
Medical Doctor, France
ECH General Secretary
“This European Congress organised in Vienna by ECH with the partnership of IAVH for the veterinarian homeopaths and of EFHPA for the patients/users of homeopathy offers the great opportunity to address the science and art of homeopathy from different points of view all around Europe. Considering Homeopathy as a living organism it will treat it a holistic way, integrating in the same approach the works and researches done about the homeopathic medicinal products, and their clinical use for all kind of pathologies, and all ages and populations.”
DeBeukelaer2Dr. Edward De Beukelaer
Veterinary Surgeon, UK
„We have a duty to engage in ongoing progress in the use of homeopathy. Some of this progress will come from listening to what happens in various schools of thought, some will come from listening to those who treat other species and also from listening to those who have an understanding of homeopathy as non-prescribers. My experience of being educated in a mixed vet/doctor homeopathy school has taught me that learning together is the only reliable way forward for all.“
muchitsch2Mag Pharm. Ilse Muchitsch
Pharmacist, Austria
Coordinator ECH Subcommittee pharmacy
“ECH Subcommittee pharmacy will create a special venue for getting an impression about tendencies for homeopathy in industry and pharmacy in the future. Who knows about quality criteria of homeopathic remedies, about “starting materials” and “mother tinctures” and about the possibilities of compounding in pharmacies?
In a panel discussion we invite to discuss about special issues associated with the availability of homeopathic medicines and regulatory affairs as well.
The task for a very dedicated pharmaceutical team is to guarantee the best quality and the availability of homeopathic medical products in the future.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna!”
hendrickxJack Hendrickx
Industrial Pharmacist, Belgium
“As for me, it is a medical scientific fact that evidence based homeopathic medicine (human as well as veterinarian) starts with evidence based homeopathic remedies. An evidence based homeopathic remedy starts with an evidence based starting material: it is a scientific pharmaceutical fact. This congress makes the essential link between homeopathic medicine and homeopathic pharmacy, both based not only on tradition but also on science and technology. The congress emphasizes where the responsibilities are; an unprecedented break-through.”
segallEnid Segall
President EFHPA, UK
“We have a saying in English "United we stand, divided we fall". This applies to homeopathy too, therefore the title of the Vienna Congress 2016 is very apt and appropriate.”
buitelaarDr.Hetty Buitelaar
Medical doctor, Netherlands
Coordinator ECH Subcommittee politics
“Subcommittee politics invites you all to discuss within a political panel. This is a very beautiful opportunity to have both Medical Doctors, Veterinarians and Patients Organisation members together to get an overall view on the best strategy for homeopathy within the health care system of the future: “United in Diversity”
drexlerDr. Leopold Drexler
Medical Doctor, Austria
Coordinator ECH Subcommittee Education

“We can learn so much from the veterinarians, especially Materia Medica from observing the behaviour of animals.”
plaDr. Anna Pla
Medical Doctor, Spain
Coordinator ECH Subcommittee Research
“My personal experience attending and participating for the last 7 years at the Congress organised by both human and veterinarian doctors of Centre Liègeoisd’Homéopathie in Belgium is highly positive. Every Spring I’m waiting the possibility to share clinical cases and different approaches for a better knowledge and application of the homeopathic medicines to our patients.
The European Congress next November in Vienna brings to the homeopathic world the opportunity to learn, share and discuss about the last and challenges that we have as European citizens, medical and veterinarian doctors, pharmacists, researchers in the field of homeopathy.”
wallnerDr. Gabriella Wallner
Veterinary doctor, Hungary
“Homeopathy is a wonderful, very diverse science. This congress is an opportunity for colleagues working in different fields to get to know and learn from each other. It's a great pleasure and an honour that I could participate in the organisation of the congress.”
blanchyDr. Arlette Blanchy
Veterinary doctor, Belgium
“Why mix vets and medical doctors in the same conference room?
I am always very sad in the Congress of the Liga to see veterinarians stationed in adjoining rooms.
As veterinarians, we work primarily with polychrests but we use essentially no metaphysical theory or another, avoid anthropomorphism but consider the information given by experienced owners and our patients.
As vets, we are working back to the basics of medicine: observation and physical examination and it may be very interesting for medical doctors to hear about veterinarian work and clinical cases. My experience in other conferences is that both vets and medical doctors enjoy and benefit from these joint sessions.”
peinbauerDr. Thomas Peinbauer
President ECH, Austria
“Our recent publication Homeopathy in Europe – United in Diversity tells on 235 pages the successful story of ECH, one of the most important homeopathic think tanks worldwide. It demonstrates the fruitful cooperation of medical doctors, pharmacists, documentalists, researchers and patients from all over Europe in the last 25 years. Now we open a new chapter. The European Congress for Homeopathy includes veterinary homeopathy with its specific approach to homeopathy and brings all stakeholders in dialogue with various invited top experts. It´s a unique opportunity for newcomers to start with homeopathy and for experienced colleagues to learn from each other.”
jansenJean Pierre Jansen, M.D.
Researcher, Netherlands
Coordinator ECH Subcommittee Provings
The sessions about provings will be dedicated to the specific contributions from different provings methodologies. It may be the first opportunity to consider this issue with proving coordinators of different background. Recently published guidelines for provings, harmonised between ECH and LMHI, keep official regulations and homeopathic theory in agreement.
ronchiDr. Antonella Ronchi
Medical Doctor, Italy
President of FIAMO
“Homeopathy is an important answer to the demand of sustainability and ethics in medicine, therefore it must be a cornerstone in the development of EU health policies.
We all have the responsibility to share and spread the knowledge of the opportunities to foster the health not only of all living organisms, humans, animals and plants, but also of the environment.
The European Congress in Vienna is a unique opportunity for each of us to play a leading role in such a scenario.”
kokosDr. Tomasz Kokoszczyński
Medical Doctor, Poland
President of Polish Homeopathic Society (founded 1892)
“Homeopathy is a wonderful gift of nature. It can direct us toward independent health through self-healing. Together we can share our experiences but also deepen the understanding of homeopathy and the nature of the real health.
rindasuIleana Rindasu,
Medical doctor, Romania
General Secretary of the Romanian Society of Homeopathy
“I am extremely happy to see that the European family of homeopathy is gathering from now on in a European Congress of Homeopathy which will enable us to change information and professional experience in a better way.  We have a lot to gain if we learn from each other. Homeopathy has a lot to gain if we stay united.”
pachovaDora Pachova
Medical doctor, Bulgaria
Chairperson of Association of Homeopathic Physicians in Bulgaria; member of EDUSUB ECH

"Homeopathy is a science developing fast. Every one of us is working in his own space, speed and field of interest. We change our practices. We learn the art of homeopathy also. One benefit of the Congress is listening high quality lecturers, but the other not less important is personal sharing of thoughts, successes and mistakes. We get huge amount of information nowadays, but to understand it fully we need to interact with each other.  
The Congress gives me, you and everyone close to homeopathy the chance to go in dept and  to improve in his field; to share ideas and get feedback; Being in Vienna is a possibility to see the bigger picture of homeopathy in Europe. I am happy to be part of it! It is very precious personal experience of  homeopathic diversity and homeopathic unity."